diamorte - a brief history


The search for entertaining writing, both in music and the collective literature, has become an extremely important aspect for any group that wants to go beyond the usual clichés. Employing such writing is a way to show their future listeners something unusual and exciting that could spark their interest in a project and not let that feeling weaken for many years. In the medium of heavy music, this is usually achieved through complex and bold experiments of mixing different styles, a method that allows groups to sometimes give rise to a new genre.

Theatrical Opera Metal has become one of these newly emerging genres, and the one that the group DiAmorte has rooted themselves into with their personal twists. The presentation of the material paired with the charisma of the performers has helped to turn the performances into something slightly more than just music. Having combined symphonic and operatic metal with theatrical work through the use of a three-act story has allowed their first album to be depicted in a different world with its own history and characters. Alongside that, they have united the aggression found within death metal, the penetration of opera music, and elements of an elegant dark fantasy middle-aged era. All of these different themes can be seen incorporated in the very first album cover.


The creation of the name “DiAmorte” was brought up in the mind of the composer, artist, and writer Drake Mefestta. It is a collection of concepts that, when combined, reflects the cyclical nature of the simple ongoings in the world from his view. The Spanish word “Amor” means love, whilst “Morte” means death. The beginning of the name is connected with the expression “Dia de Los Muertos” or the Day of the Dead. All this adds up to the general essence of the theme of the narrated works, which is DiAmorte.

Whilst pursuing his idea, Drake showed the initial musical ideas to his first co-composer back in 2015 during the small EP “Prelude to Shadow” - even then the music was already distinguished by the ideas that had been developed and evolved for many years and it all came to fruition, being released in 2019 and turned into an album, called The Red Opera.

With multiple backgrounds and experiences, DiAmorte has taken it upon themselves the task to rethink the canons of symphonic metal to make it their own and add new, fresh blood to the genre with their differences.


This is all to allow people to experience not only their abilities as musicians but as actors who are dedicated to their crafts, all of who are willing to be part of the epic story being created. As with each work published under the DiAmorte banner being a separate episode surrounding a different story, The Red Opera album is just the beginning of the journey that this new group will embark on together. 

Lovers of the different incorporated sounds will hopefully find a piece of soul here for themselves and plunge into a completely new universe. A place where love and hatred, trust and betrayal, and many other opposing forces are mixed into one string concoction.

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Taking a deeper dive into the world of Shadelands will give insight to the story about two halves of one fallen kingdom. A Kingdom that has been at war with itself after a turning point in their history, called the "Tragedy of Yon’Cath".

It started in a different land, which bore a simple and unambiguous name - Vestillas, where LaCroix and Dorian were in the service of the royal guard. A force that was under strict supervision from the local monarch, who was known as wise and formidable. One who never gave mercy to his enemies and waged war until a complete and unconditional victory. Through this, he carved a glorious kingdom for his subjects.


After many years in the service of the King, each soldier had time to compose their own image of the monarch from his personality, as well as the future of the kingdom under his leadership, and the fate to come.

Dorian, defiant and freethinking, convinced himself every day that the actions of the King would lead to an inevitable ending. One where the lands that were conquered and the lives within them, would be ruled in pain, tyranny, and arbitrariness.


This understanding, from taking part in the endless incessant skirmishes with neighboring kingdoms; it was known too well what ruthless lengths this King would go to for the destruction of entire religions.

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For long days and nights, Dorian harbored heavy thoughts about the burden of the kingdom and decided to confide with a close friend in the service, LaCroix.


In detail, Dorian shared his thoughts on what should be done to avoid being part of the sad and irreversible future hurtling towards them. LaCroix agreed.


The issue was a people whom loved the King and were loyal to his rule, so they took to finding those who felt the wrath more than others, or those whose faith had been shattered. It took time, but after organizing a small group of royal guards and local peasants, they packed up and ventured out into the lands as a group called "Legionnaires."


Most of their ranks were formed by those who felt a stronger connection to the Hidden Ones while serving Dorian. Others who joined just wanted to escape whatever situation they had been in. With warlocks and scholarly occultists being an unknown true force who wielded curses and foul speech of the Hidden Ones as deftly as swords, they were growing into the same armies, the same kind the King had previously put down.


People became fearful of the large band and the group began to be attacked as they traveled. During their seemingly endless journey, Fayte joined, being a strong turning point in battles by helping to encourage and rally people when they felt downtrodden. 

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The Legionnaires continued their travels and recruitment, becoming a strong, mobile force that some braver Kingdoms tried to hire in order to turn the tide of battle. Each time, more and more of their ranks fell, and the group's name continued to swell with an aura of fear.

Dorian was saved many times in battle by Fayte, and thus, was overcome with a sense of duty to her. He began a new journey with help from his guiding Patron. His destiny, which Fayte helped course, was to head north to a land where the veil between worlds ran thin. Where the Hidden Ones whispers could be heard.

The Hidden Ones that the King, LaCroix, and Dorian had fought so long to lock up.


There, they could find freedom from tyranny and find the power needed to remain free in a world that shunned them. And so, the city of Yon’Cath was formed. Yonder and Cathach, two cities built by the shunned and hunted from the world—and lured by unseen forces who schemed beyond the veil.


Yet it would be the mortal choices, love, duty, and betrayal that would bring about the tragedy of Yon’Cath... 

Black Marble