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From the earliest stages of his life, Dorian's passions and instincts were intertwined with the art of warfare. Battle became an intrinsic part of his being, ingrained within the depths of his soul.

However, even the most hardened individuals are not impervious to the toll of war. As Dorian stood on the front lines, he bore witness to the anguished cries of the people in their moments of desperation.  Unbeknownst to Dorian, an enigmatic whisper of doom lingered, suggesting a path to end the ceaseless violence and secure freedom for those willing to fight for it.

His newfound vision painted Dorian as a just ruler, capable of serving multiple causes, even if it meant betraying his sworn oaths. In his dreams, the vivid imagery of a kingdom entirely his own unfolded, laying bare the foundations of his desires.

After years of marching and bolstering his ranks, Dorian found himself enamored with Fayte, a woman who breathed life into the city and, unknowingly, into him. Meanwhile, his brother-in-arms, LaCroix, shared the same fire and yearning to illuminate the darkness they both carried. However, the King of Vestillas did not take kindly to his loyal knight's perceived acts of insubordination.

Unwittingly, Dorian sacrificed the Kingdom of Vestillas on a fateful, blood-soaked evening in his quest for justice and freedom for the unjustly punished. The consequences mirrored the warnings he had once given LaCroix. A fallen Vestillas would rise again, marching against him as they sought refuge in the mountains.

With Cordelia's slaughter of their former comrades-in-arms and neighbors, their desperate bid for escape from the clutches of the kingdom, Dorian's might grew. He prevented a war he could not win, but the cost was steep. The kingdom became fractured, on a path to self-destruction.

Branded as the "Accursed King," Dorian's name was spat out as curses by survivors of that ill-fated night. Yet, a profound fear seeped into this newfound kingdom, for they had all acquired something they could hardly comprehend or desire—a gift that granted them the means to be free.

While freedom may be attained with relative ease, the power to preserve it demands much more.

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