From an early age, all the passions and impulses of Dorian were connected with the craft of war. For him, the ardor of battle became something natural, inseparable from the inner core and the depths of his soul.


Yet war takes a toll on even the most hardened individual, and since Dorian was on the front line—he heard the pleas and whispers first. At times it was a child crying out for having belief. Other times, it was an old man's final breath. Yes, curses and hexes were things to be feared, but Dorian started to wonder why curses or hexes were whispered in the first place. 

 It was then he started to hear the voice of a Hidden One. Unknown to him in form or identity, it  simply spoke of a means to end the violence. Freedom for those who could fight for it. Freedom for the King of Vestillas and all other mortal lands. It was then that Dorian began to envision himself as a just ruler who could serve many sides.


Even if it meant a betrayal of his oaths, to him, the visions of Yon’Cath were laid bare in his dreams. 

    After years of marching and growing the ranks of the Legionnaires, Dorian had fallen in love with Fayte. A woman who also spoke to the Hidden Ones and helped to bring the city of Yon’Cath to life. LaCroix joined him as a brother in arms to the north, for the purpose of bringing light to the darkness, but the King of Vestillas did not take so kindly to his loyal knight's betrayal. 

    Preemptively, after having founded Yon’Cath and establishing its armies, Dorian embraced the power of the Hidden Ones fully and in the end, sacrificed the Kingdom of Vestillas. In a way, fulfilling the very same prophecy he had warned LaCroix against. It was only a matter of time before Vestillas would march against the Legionaries.


In having his general Cordelia, slaughter the Kingdom first with their forces and undying strength, Dorian grew in power—and prevented a war against Yon’Cath. This act would become known as the Night of Betrayal and is the catalyst for the Tragedy of Yon’Cath.


After this slaughter, Dorian became known as the Accursed King for many believed he was not a King to them, but a King to the Hidden Ones, the whispers in darkness. A fear that only grew as his Accursed Guard were bequeathed more secrets and reveled in the power granted to them.

But to have freedom, one needed power in a world that distrusted them...