As a young man living in Vestillas, LaCroix had always looked up to the royal guards. It was their sworn duty to help protect those who lived within the kingdom’s walls. To go and fight to ensure someone else lived another day.


At the same time, the King of Vestillas waged a war against the Hidden Ones. Equally wonderful and horrifying, the soldiers fought to bring order into a chaotic world so that everyone could live.


Yet the secrets of the Hidden Ones were always curious to LaCroix. He knew they needed to be contained, to be locked away, but if he used their tools against the darkness he would be a better warrior. 

It took time, but eventually, LaCroix worked his way up into joining the Royal Guard, with plenty of scars to show for the effort… and a few cursed tongues he had learned along the way, LaCroix was in the position that he had always strived for. Dorian was his equal in the guard and the two of them grew to become close friends.


One night, Dorian confided in LaCroix that he felt the King's Crusade against the Hidden Ones would spell ruin for all. Curses, after all, have a way of returning threefold. LaCroix still believed in his King but agreed with his friend.


With the battles they had seen, and the secrets he had devised, a new tactic would be needed to keep the lawful safe. He struggled greatly with this moral complex of deviating, and other knights loyal to him agreed that they would follow him into the darkness to bring light.


Then, there came the Night of Betrayal...