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LaCroix's existence was characterized by the ceaseless struggle, marked by his precarious birth and the constant search for salvation in the most unlikely corners. This lifelong conflict forged an impenetrable barrier around his trust, reserved only for those who had endured similar hardships or comprehended the true essence of survival.

As a young man dwelling in the impoverished fringes of Vestillas, LaCroix held deep admiration for the royal guards, individuals bound by their sworn duty to safeguard the kingdom's inhabitants above all else. Their unwavering commitment to selflessly protect ignited LaCroix's own code of honor, leaving no room for cowardice or negligence.

During this period, the King of Vestillas progressively intensified his crusade against anyone who posed the slightest threat, driven by fear of losing his perceived power. The soldiers valiantly fought to restore order to a chaotic world, believing that through cleansing fires, life would flourish anew. However, the indiscriminate shedding of blood without clear justification bred quiet skepticism among those living under the King's rule.

In due course, LaCroix rose to join the prestigious ranks of the Royal Guard, bearing numerous scars as testament to his arduous journey. At last, he found himself positioned where he had always aspired to be. Alongside him, Dorian, his fellow guardian, shared the trials of battle, forging an unbreakable camaraderie between them.

On a freezing night, Dorian confided in LaCroix, expressing his conviction that the King's zealous crusade would bring ruin upon them all. Though LaCroix remained steadfast in his loyalty to the King, he concurred with his comrade's concerns.

As battles escalated into ruthless massacres, a fresh strategy became imperative to safeguard the innocent from an expanding tyranny. LaCroix and Fayte nurtured a flicker of hope within the hearts of the people, even as each path they tread seemed to lead to a bloody destiny. The moral complexities of deviating from the established order weighed heavily on LaCroix's conscience, yet his fellow knights, bound by loyalty, resolved to follow him into the abyss in pursuit of illumination.

And thus arrived the fateful Night of Betrayal...

In its aftermath, LaCroix inherited a shattered throne amidst smoldering ruins and tattered banners, presiding over a kingdom transformed into a bastion of fortitude. Those capable of bearing arms rallied, swearing to perish with honor, their blades unquenched. With resolute determination, LaCroix gazed unflinchingly into the night, his vision clouded by the specters of countless widows, their lamentations intertwining with the somber toll of morning bells.

The ensuing days and nights would eternally darken the soil, leaving an indelible stain upon the land...

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