From an early age, Cordelia showed leadership qualities and tried to be the first among her peers in everything. Having been born into a family of aristocrats, she knew what it meant to be of noble birth, and what opportunities real power gives.


Being interested in sciences and aspects of life at court, she did not miss a single opportunity to prove herself and become better than her peers, who, though they were not simple peasants, were very different from her in terms of character and mind. Her interest in politics came closer to adulthood when long-overdue thoughts about gaining a real power completely intoxicated her consciousness.

But as soon as she began her ascent along the path of the future countess or queen, a man appeared on her path who radically changed her whole life. Dorian. Not as a lover or as a man, but a path to power.


In his conquests, Dorian had learned the secrets of the Hidden Ones, secrets which could end death. Make one eternal. Give a curse to her enemies—and she had many enemies. She embraced his desire to create the city of Yon’Cath fully and did everything in her power to see it manifest. 

In time and for her loyalty, she was made leader of his Accursed Guard. The general of his forces and even more ruthless on the field than Dorian himself ever was. This darkness within her was left unchecked because the very world she was raised in hated her. With each sacrifice she made to a Hidden One, the more her power grew. Sacrifices are easy when it is those who left you to die.

When the King of Vestillas threatened war, Cordelia knew that Yon’Cath would not survive the assault. For far too long, the Kingdom of Vestillas had marshaled their strength after Dorian and LaCroix left their ranks. She proposed a preemptive strike.


A strike in which they would end Vestillas and grow their own power at the same time. Only then would they be free, for no other kingdom would challenge Yon’Cath after such a show of such strength. Dorian withdrew from the table to sit in his chair. Lowering his head deep into the shadows, he silently agreed.


Cloaked in darkness, Cordelia and Dorian led the Night of Betrayal, slaughtering every innocent peasant, worker, and kinsman of Vestillas as a message to the world...

That night, her king was born.