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From a tender age, Cordelia exhibited natural leadership qualities and strived to outshine her peers in every aspect. Born into an aristocratic family, she understood the privileges and opportunities that true power bestowed.

Fascinated by the sciences and courtly affairs, Cordelia seized every chance to prove herself and surpass her peers, who, while not peasants, paled in comparison to her in terms of character and intellect. As she approached adulthood, her interest in politics grew, and thoughts of attaining tangible power consumed her consciousness.

However, her path took an abrupt turn when a man crossed her trajectory, forever altering her life. Dorian. Not as a lover or a romantic interest, but as a means to power. Cordelia had accumulated numerous adversaries, and Dorian's ambition resonated deeply with her. She utilized every ounce of her influence to see his vision come to fruition.

Over time, due to her unwavering loyalty, Cordelia rose to become the leader of Dorian's guard, the commander of his forces, and a figure even more ruthless on the battlefield than Dorian himself. The darkness within her remained unchecked, fueled by the disdain she had endured from the world that despised her. The origins of her enemies mattered little, for sacrifices become easy when it is those who left you to suffer.

When the King of Vestillas once threatened war before their departure, Cordelia foresaw their inability to survive the onslaught. Having observed the Kingdom of Vestillas amassing its strength, she proposed a preemptive strike—a strike that would not only dismantle Vestillas but also fortify their own power. Only then could they achieve true freedom, with no other kingdom daring to challenge them after witnessing their might. Dorian, retreating to the shadows, silently agreed on the condition that the peasants be spared. Reluctantly, Cordelia consented.

Shrouded in darkness, Cordelia and Dorian led their newfound people in an exodus. Cordelia, accompanied by warriors ready to enact her will, broke away to bring about her moment of glory—the "Night of Betrayal". Amidst the chaos, innocent peasants fell victim to their blades, reducing an entire kingdom to ashes.

With her sword forever stained, Cordelia heralded the birth of her king, an everlasting tribute to her legacy.

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