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In every corner of the world, there exists a beacon of hope that warms hearts and kindles optimism. For the realm, Fayte was that beacon that radiated an unparalleled light. Born into a humble peasant family, Fayte displayed an unyielding spirit and indomitable character from an early age, defying societal expectations that dictated a woman's role in family and home.

While her peers aspired to start families and conform to traditional norms, Fayte's curiosity was captivated by the art of warfare, drawing inspiration from the knightly tournaments held in Vestillas. The splendor and grace of knights donning shining armor fascinated her, fueling her dreams of one day embodying their noble qualities. She yearned to possess the strength to devote herself to a higher purpose, free from the constraints of parental expectations or any external influences.

Everything changed with the arrival of Dorian on the horizon. Despite his stern demeanor, he discerned the untapped potential within Fayte and resolved to acquaint himself with her. His ambitions of establishing his own kingdom resonated with her unwavering faith, and she became his steadfast shield, rarely straying from his side.

Fayte cherished a vision of a city separate from Vestillas, a haven where peace and freedom could coexist harmoniously. She wholeheartedly pledged her blade and shield to Dorian, ultimately saving his life amid the tumultuous storms of the ensuing days.

However, Dorian's actions took a treacherous turn, betraying the trust and faith Fayte had bestowed upon him. He set the kingdom ablaze, plunging it into chaos and death. Overwhelmed by sorrow, Fayte no longer recognized the man she once believed in, confiding her fears to LaCroix, seeking solace in their shared disillusionment. The betrayal would not go unanswered, and retribution would be exacted upon those responsible.

Determined not to remain idle, Fayte resolved to fight for the paradise she ardently believed in, determined to realize her vision by any means necessary. Guided by the belief that all beings could coexist in harmony, she embarked on a perilous journey, transcending the depths of darkness. In her heart, she carried the conviction that the survival and continuation of humanity must prevail, an unwavering beacon of hope amidst the shadows.

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