Every place has its symbol of hope that warms hearts and generates brighter thoughts. This is Fayte – amongst other things. She was born into a simple peasant family and from childhood, showed her parents her steel and inaccessible character – when other girls had the desire to start a family and be part of a household,

Fayte was interested in was the art of war. From a young age, this rural commoner was extremely inspired by the knightly tournaments which were often held in Vestillas. She was fascinated by the majesty and grace of knights in shining armor, dreaming of one day becoming like them. To have the strength to dedicate your will to others, and not to be dependent on the desire of parents or any forces standing above it, was a goal she aimed to reach.

This allure was in stark contrast to the nightmares she saw. Being born with a connection to the Hidden Ones, she heard their cries of pain as they were driven back. Their power waned from the world and soon, they would be gone entirely. It was a feeling she saw in every lonely peasant, and deep down, she believed there could be harmony between both.

Everything changed when Dorian appeared on her horizon. Although he was distinguished by a strict disposition, he managed to see the potential within Fayte and decided to get to know her. His dreams of building Yon’Cath spoke to both sides of her faith. She would go on to be his shield in battle many times over.

A city separate from Vestillas where peace and freedom could coexist was a cause she believed in. So she offered her blade and shield, saving his life in the maelstrom of the harsh days and whispering the messages of the Hidden Ones to him in the still night. 

In time, Dorian went too far and eventually betrayed her faith by sending Cordelia into Vestillas to sacrifice the City and the King. Devastated, Fayte no longer recognized this man and ran to LaCroix with her fears about what he had become. The betrayal would be not go unheeded.


Fayte felt the call of the Hidden Ones and knew that Yon’Cath’s fate and future hung in the balance. The city could serve as a bastion of hope, or a festering plague upon the world. Fayte knew she would not stand idly by. She would fight for the paradise she believed in, where all could coexist. Humanity must survive and carry on.