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Dead light, hails the beginning, weaving threads of a fatal knowing

Pale night, where an age lays dying, promised with the ashes of all mankind

 A violent echo overtakes the land, scars the soil like a mourning band

A deathly song, a rhyme of the damned, where anguished promises are finally unveiled


 Our memories forever ceased, like a heart struck by a thorn

The font of heaven's seed, bred deep in doomspeakers sights bemoaned


I am the dark, they spoke of

This is my final stand


For the glory of…the everlasting…night

Sin of sins claimed society, enshrined desires for a new beginning

Reconciled in ash on journeys to the grave, ruinous wish in sacred duties


Unredeemed is the soil blood has pervade

To which all fought and died for the honor to proclaim

For the glory of, the everlasting night

Soon to find, the terror ends, when you die


I am the dark, they spoke of

This is my final stand

I am the wind of darkness

I am the light that failed


Charging forth in mournful squall

A sickening flood of swords held high

As the pale mists fell like a funerary shroud

Felling all hopes, a perdition - meant for all


Spawning horrors lurching onward

Arisen from forlorn grey (swathed) came-a nightmare splendor

Prophetic pages lost, in entombed vaults, sired prayers to misfortune's progeny


 And to what of this am I vilified?

For compassion inflicted on an age of immortal strife

Abhorred chains immuring the welcoming dawn

What would sorrowfully be known as “the great divide”


Did you believe? Did you read the prophecies

Well now the time has finally come

This is the end of all things, it's my decree


I am the wind of darkness, I am the light that failed

I am the ghastly shadow, stepping across the veil

(I step across the veil)


You will bow to every (I've taken every)

Shattered all the dreams that you have wrought


Gazing at my masterpiece, scenes of death beneath my feet

Ashes blowing in the wind and all this by my hand

Severing the planets veins, drinking of all that remains

Effortless, you took the bait, and now the slate is clean...


Let death commence...

And life's suffering come to rest

Now our time has come to an end

From ash may life be born again...


It is done....

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