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Solemn vows,  we always knew

Dying fast as the vast became the few

 Savage how, this storm ensued

Claiming all, resolving to a scarlet hue


Father night, now unkind

A waning shield no longer on our side


But this I swear, one fortnight

Life will reclaim where it once reside


Sunless tides of bygone age

The rust of earth flows, bathed in graves

What good the ledgers of our past?

Blood soakens every page

Be it curse or purge, We'll heed no single word

We'll walk again in night, As fearless as the day


Whisper gently that you may hear my prayer

Though by it's end they will still be there...


Gather well, under stranded moon

Like fearless prey stands before the wolves

 They would come for us, in our time of need

To grant the peace, howling lullabies carried on the breeze


Whisper gently, hear my prayer

Though by it's end they will still be there...


For the fallen! For the solemn!

Steel yourselves the dawn is nigh

Onward brave now we shall ride


Know the dusk is ours to claim


For the glory of...the everlasting night

A journey through the dark, the perils of light

 For the glory of...the everlasting night

Carry you to first light, your virtues held high

Gently, they wander like the footsteps of the dead

Hope mislaid in fields of mourning, their spirits lost for breath

For the glory of the everlasting night

 Everlasting night!

Where lost souls find a name


Before the dawn's edge, our prayers were left to die,

Left to the shadows, our fear spread on display

We gather under steeple where church bells rings equal,

To every man who lost his breath in hell

A panorama dead, nameless faces born of kin

Hearts tire of names etched in stone

We only had belief, when death replaces memory and still we carry on..

When asking of the answers or a meaning to life, death was its reply.

This is where we lost our breath in hell....

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