Cordelia accursed huntress general

“Long ago, we were unchanged. So long ago,  we weren't so different.”  —Cordelia

Cordelia is a fierce woman and the right hand of the Accursed King. When The Great Divide came, Cordelia ended up beside Dorian amidst the screams of terror that fateful night. It is unknown to the nature of her joining him, perhaps a punishment to the Legionaries or a silent wish of Cordelia.

Though she is loyal to Dorian, she is not his slave - she is willful and loves the benefits of her station. Still, she slightly resents Dorian for now being in opposition to her husband, but more so, she desires Dorian's position as the leader and occasionally undermines Dorian. 

However, he cannot kill her due to the virtue he holds for what he has created. Somehow, she always seems to get her way in petty debates. Dorian, much older remains calm and wise in opposition to her energetic and often brash manner. Though when brought to ire, will have made his word be known, understood, and heeded. 

Politically, Cordelia is the right hand of the Accursed King and the General for the Shadelands armies.
Though they suffered heavy losses, it is a testament and a marvel to her skill that they’ve held on for this long against odds that continue to grow against them. She’s a quick-witted woman who isn’t afraid to utter vulgarities in court, and even make jovial light of their situation.


Rachl Quinn is a singer, voice instructor, and songwriter. Associated acts include Graveshadow, Aerial Dogs, and Still Life. Her projects have given her the opportunity of opening for Queensryche, Y&T, and Warrant to name a few.


Her students include former Voice Albania contestants and national touring musicians. She is an accomplished singer with eight collective years of training and is well versed in all genres.