Paul Allender guitars 

“Nice one.”  —Paul Allender 


Paul Allender joined Cradle of Filth as the guitarist in late 1991 and stayed until late 1994 when he left to join The Blood Divine. In 2000 he rejoined Cradle of Filth on the band's album, Midian, after receiving a call from Dani Filth. As of April 2014, Paul Allender has once again left Cradle of Filth.


Paul Allender is recognized for his unique right-handed technique and is currently endorsed by PRS Guitars, RotoSound, and Blackstar amplification.


Coming on as the production’s first permanent member and visionary partner, Paul’s enthusiasm for the traditional theater and opera production is a welcomed asset to DiAmorte with a shared desire for something that goes far beyond the traditional band arrangement.