Markus Johansson guitarist / co-writer

"This track is going to be a...challenger?" —Markus Johansson


Markus Johansson’s musical journey began when he set out to record what would become Sylencer’s debut album, “A Lethal Dose of Truth.” The album amassed a lineup and list of guests that featured members from Dream Theater, Cynic, Testament, Death, Iced Earth, Chimaira, Anthrax, Halford, The Aristocrats, King Diamond, Jag Panzer, Helloween, and others. 


After spending years completing the Sylencer record, Johansson emerged from the studio to join Australia’s 4Arm, at first for live purposes, and then later becoming a permanent member and primary writer for their latest album, “Survivalist.”

Shortly after, Johansson began doing session writing and recording, including Los Angeles’s Thrown Into Exile, and took a session tour with another LA act, Malaki. The Malaki tour was in direct support Atreyu, Unearth, and Wovenwar.

While returning from the Malaki tour, a studio project with THEM became an international recording and touring act, as the act was booked as the only support band for a tour with Helloween. Previously tapped for a round of guest solos on the band’s impending debut, “Sweet Hollow,” which also featured members of Lanfear, Symphony X, and Dying Fetus, THEM officially formed and completed the North American tour and eventually followed with multiple runs in Europe. The band signed with SPV/Steamhammer for their second album, “Manor of the Se7en Gables,” and is scheduled to release the follow up in the fall of 2020, with Steamhammer.

Seemingly carpet-bombed throughout all of these years were sessions with Drake Mefestta for early demo sessions, and what would eventually turn into DiAmorte’s “The Red Opera.” Not one for boredom, Johansson also released an instrumental album and performed a few hundred shows with multiple tribute acts all over North America.

When asked “How can you be in so many bands?” his response is always the same. “Why, do you need a guy?”