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MAJIN the betrayer

“without belief, what separates you creatures from animals?” — majin, the betrayer 

Majin the Betrayer is a creature bold enough to openly wear his title as a badge of pride. As far as it—not quite a he—knows, that’s what humans do: take absurd titles and wear them as their own. Majin is not truly mortal. He’s a manifestation of the Shadelands itself.


Manifesting as a God and therefore not bound by the rules of others, In a sense, Majin is the very energy that binds him to The Shadelands itself.  

After becoming self-aware, Majin studied mortals and gleaned secrets from the dark beyond . Time and time again, humans across the world wanted power and he wanted something done. Driven by the endless eons of boredom, Majin contemplated a suicide he could not obtain.


He would have kept in his pursuit if it wasn’t for the Shield Maiden, Fayte and her most intriguing nature. Fayte, unlike all others, asked for nothing in return, only for peace among the two kingdoms . Majin alone knows Fayte's intent, even more than she even knows herself.


Majin now stands once again in a new era, a new war, and a new game to for him to preside over. Hopefully this time, they will learn - though they never do....  


Born in February 1981 in a family of musicians, at an early age Colin Parks was surrounded by music. Son to a piano teacher, and grandson to a grandfather well known in the London music scene in the 1960's, Colin's musical journey began in choral music as classically trained soprano. He toured various parts of Europe as a child and performed for the Royal family and on television.

Years later Colin picked up the guitar from learning piano in his teens after his voice broke. He left his singing in the past and pushed forward with ventures new. In time, an invite was given to audition for Devilment. Colin's enthusiasm and willingness to graft won through, thus proceeding to move his music career to a new level by signing a record deal with Nuclear Blast records.

Colin tours and writes for Devilment when time permits. In 2019, Colin was given the time to once again be a full creative, with the chains removed. Colin began singing again, and found very quickly that the voice that had served him so well as a child had yet remained.

Colin formed Ghosts of Atlantis and joined DiAmorte to play the lead role of Majin The Betrayer in 2019.

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