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Rouse the whims of the night I bare

As spires are lit under lunar candlelight

Cursed bloodline, azure griped veins,

Compelling purpose, for us, to, live, a-gain

 Release me, time shall not...

The stories old, worn from the page

The themes of loss, they’re all the same

Left stigmas mark on earthly time

From avarice pacts our greed provides


Conquests came a dire price

Undaunted reign for a cost most high

Not good enough, our glory earned

We traded further for eternal life


Long ago, we were unchanged

So long ago, we weren't so different


Was vanity's grandeur worth the fall?

As Ill-favored fates prevailed us all

So much more than mortality could endure


Oh valor, return from the prison of our shame

From tortured shape, with none other to blame

More ardent our wish than that of conquered empires

For us to walk again…In the sun


Shadow lies waiting under veil of light

Our pulse cast into purgatory

Somewhere lost twixt death and life


And for the thrall the vitae calls

Red treasures in bare throated vaults

And yet, tears spill forever-more from sanguine society


Long ago, we were unchanged

So long ago, we weren't so different


Lent to the earth our years to the grave

Abolished, humanity abstained

Our souls marred with damnation's mark

Beyond wearied time, quickens a languid pain


Karma's hand had dealt us our fate

A story’s ends, yet blank pages remain

Oh righteous day, oh fortune's fate, forgive our sins

Heed our call, from kingdom's fall, we would give, everything

Savior, Betrayer


Anticipation stills the scene

Through the threshold into arms unseen

Secrets culled from the flame

Ancient oaths to our will invade


Onward to undo the bonds, ordained and conspired

No tyrannous shadow shall linger over, and conquer that which is desired

In tenebrous kingdom of noble beasts, rise up from the mire,

Fell creatures of pallid features summoned forth by bells from blackened spires

No longer to succumb to faith in heavens gate or hell's embrace,

The nameless heathens, plight of reasons,

Vile treason that I've embodied!


Farewell sun...Farewell to all that we have loved...

Ruin is all that I have, left to share

Become the end of this life's, undying years

Within ourselves, a beast looks in the mirror

Close our eyes and watch it, disappear

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