LACROIX the Knight Captain 

“Even death is too great a kindness…”   - LaCroix 

LaCroix, the Knight Captain of the Fallen Legion, is a grim fellow. Embodying the determination a warrior from the north would expect. Even more so because the creatures he and his troop's hunt are born from the shadelands and accursed alike. The Legion serves many roles: militia, police, vigilante, but chief among these is that of skilled hunters and foragers. 


The Fallen Legion rose to prominence as protectors after the night of betrayal. Every legionnaire was once a fellow warrior now divided amongst those who fled and those who stayed. Induction into their ranks requires that the candidate has at some point heard the demands of a call to arms. They are unified and driven by their shared, yet unspoken, sense of loss and disconnection. In time, most legionnaires adhered strictly to martial pursuits while others struck out to gather resources, staving off death of themselves and their kingdom for a little longer.  

For LaCroix, however, the small warm flame that drives him and sets his soul ablaze even this frozen and barren north wasteland is love. He first laid eyes on Fayte the Shield Maiden when she saved him from death after a particularly gruesome hunt. It didn’t take much to convince Fayte that the civilization needed her on the battlefield just as much as in the keep. LaCroix found in himself an overflowing vigor and strength Fayte by his side. He hoped perhaps she could feel the same, yet knew she never would.


When Fayte introduced LaCroix to Majin, the two became fast friends through a mutual enjoyment of chess. Though LaCroix enjoys his company, he can’t help but feel this ‘outsider’ is too cunning for his own good. Those were days before the kingdom's betrayal and his disappearance.

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