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FAYTE shieldmaiden

The name Fayte was given to her by the people along with the title of Shield Maiden.


Fayte was at his side in battle before the events of "The Great Divide" as Dorian defended his meager lot. After the Night of Betrayal, Dorian rose to power and searched for the means to protect their new home, Fayte would soon be lost to him as desperation grew on all sides.

Now,  among the bloody fields, Fayte fight's alongside the Legionnaires while her hope for Dorian softly dies with each new battle.


Mordian is a Vocalist/Composer and piano player from Chicago, IL. She has been performing professionally for the past 6 years. Her Victorian-infused 2019 release Romance in Disguise received numerous rave reviews (including Metal Hammer) She is thrilled to share the stage with the talented artists of DiAmorte, in the role of Fayte.


Romance in Disguise

Click on the album cover below to listen to the full album.

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