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DORIAN The Accursed lord

“From avarice pacts our greed provides. Conquests came at a dire price. Undaunted reign for a cost most high they said. We traded further for eternal life.”  —Dorian 


Dorian the Accursed King has the answers. The answers to what many in the diverse lands desire. The Accursed began as a small group of mercenaries. An army of outcasts that offered their might to any nation willing to house them. They traveled from nation to nation, fighting in wars both here, and in other realms. Since they did not tire as easily, suited for the battlefield. Dorian was proud to count himself among them. He saw the value in banding the men together, and thus rose to a position of leadership. 


Like many stories that came before, and many that will come after, Dorian’s drive changed with the introduction of love. Meeting Fayte, the Sheild Maiden who saved his life one battle after another, churned a desire in him to build something more. A life of servitude and death, one battle after another, was no real life. After his first taste of love, he wanted to retire from conflict, settle, and live at his own bidding, as much as a man of war could. Dorian’s passions were always justified in war for to him because war was honest. You meet your enemy in the eyes, not at his back, such liberation from the labyrinth mankind makes for himself.

Dorian and his mercenaries journeyed north to make their home there, though it would soon become so much more. Fayte’s heart eventually warmed with love towards Dorian, all while Dorian built a thriving realm. For years at Dorian’s direction, warriors worlds over answered his call and trekked northward, and lent their hands at building their bastion up from nothing.


Of course, other nations came to feel threatened by the rising community, no matter how far north they were. And so, in those early days, Dorian, Fayte, and LaCroix fought side-by-side to hold the threats at bay. Though Dorian was in the service of the King at the time, the small village was his own. His sword would be in the King's service, but his submission would not.


Dorian felt the Kings will grow heavier upon him. The continuous offers were generous; Dorian's citizens would be well looked after, fed, and educated but under the twisted King's laws. A tempting offer but ultimately Dorian, his mercenaries, and the families, enjoyed the fruits their poorer but free lives. In one bloody and moonless night, a rebellion erupted, prompting Dorian to gather his men and those who were loyal to Dorian's ideals and fled further north, forming a new village that grew into a Kingdom.


In 2009, two years after James graduated college and got a proper adult job, he decided to sign up for voice-over coaching at Mike Lemon Casting in Philadelphia. It was a two-hour round-trip commute, with a full-time job, and a deep desire to feel invested.

A few years later James performed his first voice-over gig, playing several characters in Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion: Knights of the Nine: Revelation.


Soon after, his band Black Crown Initiate was offered a record deal too good to refuse. James spent the next few years traveling the world non-stop. This put a hold on all other endeavors at the time, while he grasped for the semblance of balance not easily found by a touring musician.

As James calibrated to this lifestyle change, he began to lay the foundation of voice as a career. In April 2019, in a move that combined his efforts with voice-over and the music industry; James was invited by Mick Gordon to participate in the Choir of Doom for Bethesda’s latest installment of the Doom video game series, Doom Eternal.


This dream achieved left James hungering to work more with the voice in games and animation. In Fall and Winter 2019, James returned to music. Recording vocals for the upcoming Black Crown Initiate album "Violent Portraits of Doomed Escape" a work that James meditated on and rehearsed for daily, many months in advance.


This preparation proved fruitful, as this is claimed by James to be the "finest creative work to date", as is true for the other members of BCI. Violent Portraits of Doomed Escape will be released August 7th, 2020, via Century Media Records.


Check out the newest single, “Invitation.” In 2019 and early 2020, after several years of honing his art and craft, he feels as though he has finally begun to do what he has ached to do for years.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the choir, including an interview with James here

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