Dorian, once a loyal knight in the kingdom that is now recognized to house the Legionnaires of the Fallen and his great antagonist, LaCroix. Dorian’s passions were always justified in war, to him, war was honest. You meet your enemy in the eyes, not at his back, such liberation from the labyrinth mankind makes for himself. No quarter to the enemy though this disagreed heavily with LaCroix.

“With such heights of prosperity we live in, we have room for moderation in a civilized nation. If not, we are no different than the beasts” LaCroix would argue.

“Such beasts are the most free.” Dorian would reply.

In time, he noticed more and more an underline oppression within the nation, and in time, took the few that desired more and in a night of blood and terror, took the lives of many within the walls of this prosperous nation.

Taking his newly liberated deep into the mountains to carve a new kingdom, he would find that liberation would come at a cost. As a deeper desire for sovereignty took root, he found too in the years to follow, a bloodlust rising in his people. Their thirst for more wealth, battle, and succor in decadence drew to a helm.

It was upon one desperate night that Dorian, leader of rebellion could be found in his almost formed chamber. The nature of the room was still rough from the lack of labored-hands to shape the rooms within the mountain side, more resembling crypts than the lavish castle they had once aspired to create.


Upon a single candle he spoke words to the unseen. begging for the means to set his people truly free and grant them all the splendors he had once promised. As he pleaded, a deep cold followed by a gentle warmth invaded the room, setting the candles to dance upon the wind’s tune.


A simple man, unassuming, greeted Dorian warmly and took a seat by his table the chair creaking as he sat.  Placing a cruel looking blade down with a father’s tender expression.


A kind voice filled the small room, reverberating off the unfeeling stone. He offered Dorian a chance to obtain such high aspirations; a kingdom, glorious and everlasting would be his. The man offered no ulterior motive, no caveat or warning, but simple question:


“What would you trade for freedom over man?”
“I would give anything..” Dorian replied