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Here we lie within these walls

crumbling down like our hearts and minds

A scene comprised of corpse-filled sties

we're unified by all we've lost


This atmosphere of tears conferred

Though lips too cold to speak of woes

And death  of light have earned us further

Living nightmares to endure


Humanity is the only truth

That revives the soul from misery

Restore the soul and blood anew


Our journey trails the countless dead

The nameless ones we knew as friend

A fields of faces wrought with traces

Of frozen horrors, fears, and lament


Dusk comes quickly paced, I plead again

For the strength to find an end

With heavy heart for those not spared

Whilst razor winds stole forth my breath


Humanity is the only truth

That revives the soul from misery

Restore the soul, and blood anew


Twisted spires seen afar in the pale glades

Looming like a portrait black, shrouded in miasmic haze

Faithful gather shivering by the fading fireside

Burning our dead brethren, just stay alive

And what of faith? All will displaced

Only death was heard, where words abstain

 No place but a grave escape

When Cemeteries are growing taller


Pyres formed weaving bones to coal

Illuminate the night carried absent repose


Suffer under autumn moon

The bitter rain hastens grieving wounds


Even then, no soul can rest!

Knowing, the living, suffer!


Darkness brings misbegotten beings

Facade of life with funeral heartbeats

To claim the moon, profaned pulse abide

The fear that was known in more than stories


Follow me into the grey! Beyond the fog to cease this plague!


Remember a time before the strife

Before carmine deep screams came from the night

 Remember a place where the sun still shined

The days where the years seemed far too kind

 Tell me again, the stories when

A miracle was worth more than every sorrow

 Hold them close, for it will remind

As we stand against all in black morrow


All my thoughts end tomorrow…

All my love burns away…Ashes and sorrow…

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