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These are our false chapters, in the tale that is mine

Where the pendulum's sway no longer holds our interest

And so, oft I go...Through the underscapes heralded by whispered snow

There I stood in the morning deep blue

Where light grew tired in the cold

First night rise from deaths confines

Besieged by hells set upon the mind

Smoke trails court the lifeless light

The end begins with the fall of shadows


Here we join The Great Divide

Separate the aspects like a knife

For our fate consumes desire

A scarlet mercy more than hallowed


Oh father night, send us a sign

Where horizon's held accused

Of bearing light on our forged life

Keeper of the radiant noose


Overcoming, Elite

March, to, death, we, follow, in their, foot-steps 


Mortality is stained

Upon summer lands where once we dreamed

A hoarfrost's lovesong to the sun

Beset with dismissive glance


We are made of the past, yearning for new life

Music yearning for a new... Rhyme


What is a sunset, but the end of a life that I will never know

Salvation was moments too late, give me a new ending when the curtain falls


Cease now please your wicked ways, I beg thee sorrow

Curses stretched from empty graves, loam unhallowed

Restrain ghosts like bridled echoes of the soul

Freedom in death is denied and so we carry on...

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